Cross Country Moving

Cross Country Moving

The challenges of Cross Country Moving or Moving State to State

Cross country moving can be some what of a challenge.  However, there comes a time in most of our lives when we are required to move across the country.  Cross country moving is very hard on children and pets.  Most children will feel a sense of terror when initially informed of a cross country moving adventure.  However, if planned out right this terror can soon turn into excitement at the idea of moving across the country.  State to state moving can be an exciting time in life.  However, most people will often underestimate how much moving will play a toll on their emotions.   State to state moving and cross country moving effects our emotions, especially in children.  The moving process will cause most to go through a state of grieving. 

Emotions of Cross Country and State to State Moving

The moment you decide to move to another state you begin to realize all that will be left behind at your current house, when you move across the country you leave your friends, places, and family behind. Moving state to state you find that you begin to feel a sense of loss.  This can often manifest in the form of grief.  Even if you are excited about moving across the country you may still experience these strong emotions.  It is very normal and healthy to feel this way about cross country moving.  With moving grief you will find that you go through a series of emotions such as sadness, longing and often anger.  However most of these feelings will subside once you are moved and at your new house.  You will begin to develop new relationships once moved.

Moving cross country can be a great opportunity to bring your family closer together.  In order to do this you must open up the communication.  Because moving is such a trying time in each of our lives it helps to talk about it.  Talk to your children about the cross country moving experience.   Find out what kind of fears and hopes they have about the new move.  Most of the time children are willing to open up as long as we provide them with the forum to do so.  Moving is the perfect time to start opening up the communication with the whole family.   If you do this you will later look back on your cross country move as a great thing. 

Cross Country Moving and Selecting the Right School

When moving state to state you must consider what school system your children will go to.  This will help to relieve some of the pressures of the cross country move.  Finding the right school is demanding.  This something you should consider before making the move across country or before you decide to move out of state.