Household Moving Costs


Long Distance Moving and In-Town Moving Need an Efficient Moving Timeline

Whether you are moving long distance or just across town you have to have a moving timeline to ensure a seamless move. A moving timeline will give you some guidance so that you do not forget any steps along the way. It will also help you in your selection of a moving company. Organization and time management are the keys to a successful moving experience. The moving schedule can be divided into a simple step by step checklist. No matter how much time you think you need to prepare for a move you need more. However having the right moving tools can make all the difference.

Moving factors to consider when calculating the time needed to complete your move:

  1. Possessions – Clearly the amount of items you have will play a big role in how much time you will need to allot for your move. Moving and packing go hand in hand. From the moment you decide to move you must plan out a strategy to pack up all your possessions. The sooner you get started packing for the big move the better.
  2. Moving Help – How many people can you rely on to assist you with your moving? Once you decide to move you should begin to make a list of all the friends and family that can help you with the move. This can give you a better idea on how much time will be needed to get you moved successfully.
  3. Moving Distance – When moving you must factor in the distance to determine how much work your move will take. A move across town and a move across the country will greatly vary in the amount of time needed. Long distance moving is especially time consuming.
  4. Family age – Moving a family that has young children or elderly will take longer then the average move. In this moving situation it is best to start planning and packing for your move way in advance. This will help to relieve some of the stress and added pressure on the whole family.
  5. Moving Company – Depending on what kind of moving company or mover you select will play a role in how much time is need from you to prepare for the move. Some moving companies or movers will come in and handle all the packing, unpacking and moving. Most moving companies will handle all the moving of your possessions from one house to another. Moving companies will charge more to pack and unpack your items which can save you time. There are even some moving companies will just do the driving. These type of moving companies are called self service movers or self service moving companies. With this type of moving company you will be required to pack and load up all of your possessions into the mover or moving company’s van. You will also have to unload and move all your items into your house. If you do not want to go with a moving company then you can just hire moving help. This is usually done by a move company that sends you hired hourly movers or moving help for the amount of time that you decide. These kinds of movers can be a great way to save money on your move.

Consider all the above moving factors to come up with an estimated amount of time it will take to move everything to your new house. Remember moving almost always takes longer then what you anticipate. The key to a successful move is to do all the moving and packing over a long period of time. This will help spread the moving work out and make you and your family much happier.